Blood For Ink?

I still remember waking up for school on a Tuesday morning thinking it was just another day. I put on my Green Blazer not knowing that soon it will symbolize a nightmare. I survived the entire day of classes, glad to be finally leaving for home when I saw my sister rushing towards me, “Did you hear?” She was asking. I shook my head “no”. How much of a bad news could this really be? I thought. Boy, did I know.


How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. Keep your resolutions real and small
Make sure your goal is something you can achieve. Let’s say you want to be a healthier person. Don’t resolve to exercise every day. Instead make it 3-4 times a week. This will keep you motivated.
2. Start early
It takes time to make new habits. Most people give up their resolutions because they give themselves too little time to adjust to changes.

A Letter To Anxiety

How about that one time before my final presentation you took hold of me so softly yet so strongly that I felt like I am going to die. I literally felt like my soul left and now I am looking at a cold breathless body from a distance. After that I found out that doctors called it a panic attack.

Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

To the person who somehow ended up reading this, hi! I am so happy that you found this page and…

Do you want to achieve something but the fear of failure gets in between?

Here’s a little thought: Whenever you are restricting yourself and not doing what you want to, just because you are afraid to fail, ask yourself this question, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Then, ask yourself “What’s the best that could happen?”

People, Food and Me

  My go to therapy for everything has always been food. Whether I am happy, sad or nervous, a delicious,…